About the Blog

Welcome to the PublishEd Adelaide blog.

PublishEd Adelaide believes that all great editing is done thoughtfully. To look at it another way: the more thoughtfully you edit, the better your edits will be!

I’d love to help you to get there: to develop the tools and thinking that turn someone who is good with words into an exceptional editor.

Now, you might be thinking: between the need to meet editing deadlines and the hope to balance your work projects with a personal life, who has time to reflect on their editing practice?

You’re absolutely right – and PublishEd Adelaide can help. Each weekly post will deliver fresh, practical perspectives on approaches, technologies, and industry developments that inform the way editors and publishers are working. Want to know why they’re relevant to you? Read on.

PublishEd Adelaide is not about trying to know it all – I’ve never met an editor I admire who believes that is possible, although I know many who would die in the attempt. It’s about being open to new approaches to editing and publishing. Resourceful. Enterprising. All the things that make an editor good at what they do – and successful, to boot.


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