About Katy

About Katy

My name is Dr Katy McDevitt, and I’m an editor, publisher, and mum. I live and work in sunny Adelaide, South Australia (I guess that explains the blog’s name, eh?).

By day, I’m an editor in the public sector and work on educational materials and publications. The rest of the time, I indulge my passion for all things publishing and editing — reading, writing, and tweeting about news, developments, and issues that catch my eye. Before I became a copy editor a few years ago, I was a commissioning editor working on business books and e-resources. So, I’m both immersed in the detailed work of content editing and fascinated by the business and strategy of publishing. Here at PublishEd Adelaide, I try to bring those two worlds together whenever I can.

My home life is focused on my two kids, whose use of language reminds me every day that 1) words are weird and 2) you can take editing-related inspiration from all sorts of places, not just from the printed (or digital) page.

I hope you enjoy my blog, and I’d love to hear about your experiences with editing and publishing!


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